Sunday, January 04, 2009

It's all over now

Oh my, the holidays were lovely.

I often spend a lot of time cooking over Christmas vacation, but this year I really took it easy -- for the entire week and a half I had off, including Christmas. So you won't be seeing a lot of fancy-dancy "look at all of these new recipes I tried on my vacation" photos here.

We enjoyed a simple but festive Christmas Eve meal, or réveillon du 24, featuring boudin blanc cooked with potatoes and sautéed apples.

We savored an even simpler late lunch on Christmas day. Before the meal, we nibbled on foie gras that was given to my husband by one of his clients:

Of course we didn't eat it right out of the jar, but by that time champagne was flowing and somehow I didn't get a good photo of the foie gras on its serving platter.

For the main course, I roasted a locally-raised chicken -- a turkey would have been a bit much for the three of us -- and served some lovely, wintery mix of root vegetables and chestnuts with it:

Cheese, of course, followed, then the traditional French bûche de Noël, which I always buy from local pastry shops. This year's flavor was chocolate-pear:

Tomorrow it's back to work, and the Christmas holidays will quickly fade into a distant memory -- except for the fact that we keep our (artificial) tree up until the end of January!

Wishing all of you the happiest of new years. Bonne année 2009!


James Walsh said...

Locally raised chicken. I haven't seen, heard nor tasted a locally raised chicken for year. I can still smell it though. Happy new year to you too.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Bonne année — bonne santé surtout — à toi Betty et toute ta famille. Peut-être que nous trouverons une occasion de se voir en 2009...

My word verification string is "tries" — that works!

myfrenchkitchen said...

Your christmas sounds wonderfully relaxed and delicious...When things are kept simple, the enjoyment is so much more profound! Have a wonderful 2009!

eleonora said...

Comme disent les enfants...a plusssssss...sniffffff...Bonne et heureuse année Betty, pour toi et les t'envoie 365 bisous en flocons de neige sur sucre moins cela ne glisse pas.

We Are Never Full said...

oh lord. is it bad that i wanted to jump into that post, grab a spoon, open that jar of foie gras and dig in? one day i'll be in heaven if my husband's client gives him that kind of christmas present!

Loulou said...

Love Boudin Blanc! That is a perfect Christmas eve supper.
Bonne Année!